A Once In A Lifetime Trip To The Zoo! {Take THAT Autism}

I've fallen off the blogging wagon here recently & after talking to my brain (better known as my wife) I realize it's mainly because things have been super good! That's not something I like to admit, that I blog more when things are hard with my son, but it's totally true! I imagine it's because blogging is cathartic but I know that reading good news is cathartic of me so maybe my good times blogs will help others! Speaking of good times blog… MAN do I have one!

I'm going to keep this short because no words can translate how much of a big deal this is & I know you all can feel that as well. It wasn't that long ago my son wouldn't touch some things, wouldn't eat somethings, he had a lot of texture issues. We have worked on that as well as his other reservations & issues. These were put to the test this weekend & got blown out of the water! I've said it before & now I am even more convinced that when autism butts heads with 11 year old boy 99% of the time 11 year old boy will win!

We are wedding photographers & photography takes us some pretty amazing places! We get to interact with celebrities on a regular basis, we travel to amazing locations, & we become part of our clients lives. We photographed a wedding at the Oklahoma City Zoo last year & we thought we hit the jackpot because I LOVE the zoo! Shortly after that wedding we got a call from the events manager who worked with us on that day, she was getting married & wanted to book us. I met them & shortly after did their engagement photos, it was beautiful. After getting a job offer at another venue that she couldn't pass up she decided to leave the Zoo after many years of being a part of that family. To remember those times & as a cool one of a kind couple shoot she arranged for crazy behind the scenes access at the Zoo & asked us to go with them to photograph the day. Not only photograph but bring the kids along to let them be a part of it as well! Giant Galapagos tortoise, bears, sea lions, seals, giraffes, stingrays, & more! All three boys, including Jayden, jumped in & those autism issues that we work through & that rear their head at times just disappeared giving way to the excitement of having your face kissed by a sea lion!

Petting a stingray.. just an average sunday!

Like a very wet dog!

Feeding the stingrays

Getting a feel right after watching them get a bath

Our new family photo!

They REALLY wanted to ride him!

Feeling the texture of a 100 year old shell

I'm not sure if he was shocked at the mouth or mimicking the bite but I love that face!

This one followed Zion around because his shirt was the same color as a carrot! 

Tug O War!


I don't think either one of them knew what to think about the other!

No one is shy!

Learning… up close & personal

One big happy family


No, your breath is great! A bit fishy but great!

So, What's The New Cause Of Autism This Week?

It happens once or twice a year. A "new" story breaks in the news about  'The Cause Of Autism" & the debate begins again. Not really a debate but more spouting talking points, for that matter most of the stories aren't really stories just buzz words, & to be 100% honest most of the articles are not really new anyway.

Never the less I heard a story about how older dads are more likely to have kids with autism & that got me to thinking. Now that its 2014, lets take a quick search to see what causes autism! Seeing as a massive amount of organizations raise hundreds of millions of dollars to fund research into the causes of autism instead of funding services I'm sure they've got this thing locked up. I mean surely if they were just going to throw out a bunch of wildly different ridiculous hypotheses with pretty thin science behind them surely they would maybe do something worth while like maybe put all cash in a big fund that just issues checks to families with kids on the spectrum so they can have a bit of help with things they need. You know therapies, weighted blankets, tuition, safety equipment for the house, anti-depressants for mom & dad, frozen chicken nuggets by the pallet load, minecraft shirts, expensive cigars & vintage whiskey for those days when grandma takes the kids to the science museum… 

Sorry, I trailed off there for a second.

Anyway here's what I found:

Very informative reading in that last one but my hands down favorite is with out a doubt the story about the alarming rate of cougar deaths! Not sure why that came up when I searched for the cause of autism.